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AviationBannerHammer Down   Foam Jet II        Foam Gliders   Rubber Power  Glider Lesson  Foam Towline

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Hydraulics         Mousetrap Car      Plans for Car            Electric Motor    Water Rocket  Windmill

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PowerBanner-1AirRockets    Auto Mechanics Network  Transportation  Model Solar Cars  Squirrel Plane

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17 thoughts on “Home

  1. I stumbled across your wonderful,very helpful project while searching for stimulating project for 9th grade students. thank you very much for your thoughtfulness.

      1. There is a link at the top and bottom of the article to download a PDF file for fullsize templates. This must be done from a computer, I could not do it from my smartphone.

  2. Hello SG One comment on your foam airplanes…. You really ought to add a simple stick model like my Starved Pussycat or a Peck ROG if you want to encourage continuing model design build fly activity. Foam is too limiting a material and doesn’t teach students how to deal with commercially available kits. And these kits are probably the most likely intermediate step between a a foamy and continuing design build fly action.

    regards Dick Baxter

  3. dode puedo adquirir el sistema de propulsión de los aeromodelos a gomas (helices y fijación al fuselaje), gracias

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