Everybody knows that science and engineering are important, but they can also be lots of fun. This web site proves that by showing you how to build rockets, airplanes, gliders and cars that really work. You can build many of these projects with parts you can find around the house or buy cheaply at a store or online.

There were many influences in my life that have inspired me to build the types of projects seen on this website. I have had an interest in aviation for most of my life and started building model airplanes when I was very young. My father was a successful inventor of farm machinery and held patents on many of his ideas. The last several years I have tried to share some of the knowledge in building model type projects with different groups of young people. First it was model airplanes but soon it branched into all sorts of projects such as water rockets, kites, model solar cars, mousetrap cars, model windmills, and syringe hydraulics projects.

In December of 2008 I was a guest of the Academy of Model Aeronautics Education Division at a National Science Teachers Convention in Cincinnati Ohio which was a huge thrill for me. Shortly afterwards I would start the Science Guy website and start teaching project classes for the Fuel My Brain program in Rochester Minnesota, my hometown.
During the summers I would teach project building activities for Winona Parks and Recreation and also Winona State Universities College for Kids. I would also display my projects at film festivals, Earth Day events, fairs, and even for STEM Day at the Minnesota State Fair in 2013.

I have met many wonderful people either in person or over the Internet that have inspired me and given me many ideas to pursue further. To name a few; Gordon Schimmel, David Gee, Slater Harrison, Darcy Whyte, Neil Dennis, Gary Hinze, Alden Balmer, Cheryl Moeller, Dinkar Narwade, and Kevin Guy. It is my hope that I can inspire more young people with ideas in this new website.

In March of 2013 I had started a blog ScienceGuyOrgBlogspot in which I gave more personal updates on what I was working on at the time. This has been very popular and I plan to keep writing for that, it did get me thinking that my website should be more interactive also which is why the new website is in WordPress format. At the same time I have been working to expand my articles more beyond just how to build the projects but also to work with the math and physics that go along with the projects.

The more popular projects have been transferred from the previous website and a couple of the earlier project articles have been re-done. There were a couple of model airplane articles that were on another server that the links had become broken. New articles are in the works.

Thank you for your support,
Bill Kuhl

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  1. Looks good so far, Bill: Keep at it. If you’d like me to do something let me know. Maybe I should look at getting a website, just so it’s like free !!!

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