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The First Foam Plate Rubber Powered Airplane Contest



Ronnie Espolt, Gary Hinze, and myself(Bill Kuhl) are putting together ideas for a postal contest primarily targeted at students but we will have adult classes.


The First Foam Plate Rubber Powered Airplane Contest – 2016 – Official Rules

1. The wing and stabilizers must be made from commercially manufactured foam dinner plates. No reinforcement like wood or carbon spars, tape or stickers. Glue and foam plates only. You may use paint or markers for designs and identification. No limit on size or wing span.

2. Rubber motors only, no limit on motor size. No limit on propellers.

3. The motor stick/fuselage is limited to solid balsa wood only, no coatings or reinforcements, with a 1/8″ x 3/8″ maximum cross section, no limit on length.

4. Contest will run the full month of May, 2016. Results must be submitted no later than June 7, 2016.

5. Age classes are Preteen (0-12), Teen (13-19), Adult (20-64), Cunning Survivor (65 or over). Age is as of the first day of May, 2016. Contestants must report their age category when they submit their results.

6. Flights must be recorded in sets of six, on a provided entry card. Each set must be completed before beginning another set of six. Not all flights in a set must be made with the same plane (to permit finishing a card in the event a plane is lost or destroyed). You may enter as many sets of six as you want. Each flight can be made on any day in May, 2016, they do not need to be all on the same day. Each flight must be designated in advance as a contest flight. Times will be rounded down to the whole second. Any flights recorded over two minutes will be counted as a two minute flight (120 seconds) for scoring purposes. Report total time on watch in minutes and seconds as we want to know about your outstanding flights. You may enter as many planes as you like. The score for each entry will be the total of the best three in the six. The fourth best flight will be used to break ties, and so on.  Outstanding long flights will be noted and will still only be counted as 120 seconds.

7. Report results no later than June 7, 2016 to

Foam Plate Rubber Power Contest
Contest Director Ronnie Espolt
20233 Encino Rd.
Apply Valley, CA 92308

or email to  a scan or picture of your score card.

Report your name, age category, times for each entry and location (town and country) on the entry card provided. Contest Director Ronnie Espolt has the final say regarding interpretation of the rules.

8. Certificates for high scores will be sent out. Prizes will be selected in a raffle drawing from entries.

Download in PDF Format :  Score Card 3 in Sheet

AMA# is NOT required and may be left blank on score card. While it is not required we strongly recommend you take the time to join the AMA “Academy of Model Aeronautics“. This is particularly important for youth as it will cost nothing to join. Yet the AMA provides many benefits including, scholarships for college, insurance in case your model airplane is involved in a accident. Aircraft education programs and other competitions that may require membership. So please take the time now to join, even if you are not flying in the “First Foam Plate Postal Contest”

Blog Post 5/6/2016  Example of Entering Scores and Sample Flight Descriptions

Link to Join AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics)

Postal Pictures



“This is a great way to add new members to your model aircraft club. Today “Victor Valley RC Flyers” ran a 18″ Hand Chuck Glider Contest and a Rubber Powered Foam Plate Contest.

The important results were, smiling face all over the field. We had 28 entries, 13 gliders and 15 foam plate. We added 31 new Youth Memberships to the AMA.
Along with our existing youth members, this will strengthen our youth and education program.

Ronnie Espolt”






Pictures From 6/7/2016


Cub Scout Group


Fantastic Foam Flyer

Snowflake (1)

Snowflake  – Gary Hinze Design

Video of FFF Flying Indoors for Flight Club Members

Flight Club UK Link  – Jon Kemm

It was great to have Jon Kemm and his Flight Club participate in the postal contest but these things have been a result of the club activities.

  • Recently we’ve been invited to write an article for a national model magazine called Aeromodeller.
  • The head of STEM wants us to build foam plate flyers with the year 6 students arriving in sept. I’ve been asked to order materials for 60 models.