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  1. WOW – what a cool site!

    I am president of our local AMA charter 151 in Marysville CA. I am doing research for classes that I will be teaching at a local high school, revolving around aviation theory as it relates to models and then radio control finishing with UAVs.

    I would like permission to reprint some of the topics that you have explained so well.

    cheers and blue skies

    1. Dave you have my permission, a link back to my site would be nice. Your program sounds interesting, keep in touch.

      1. Hey bill, I constructed a glider out of plastic plates, straws and tape
        I am 13 years old and would like for you to rate the performance
        Can I please have your email adress so I could send you the video


  2. I am building your Hydraulic arm for my school’s Multisubject Day Fair and I was wondering where I can find the syringes because I am not finding them anywhere. The project is due next week on the 23rd and I need to finish it, but I cannot find the syringes. Do you think you will be able to help me with it? I will be giving credit to you for the idea, of course.

    Thank you,

    1. Anywhere they sell farm supplies in the section for animals is where the syringes are found. Fleet Farm is where I found in Minnesota. I could send you some on Monday but not sure if it would arrive on time. Maybe look for veterinary supplies like this:

      Bill Kuhl

      1. 6 cc and 12 cc is what I used but not critical. Just that the 6 cc would fit under the straps I used.

        How long do you think they would take to arrive? I was considering ordering them online but, I’m not finding the proper sizes.


  3. Do the syringes have to 12cc and 6cc or can I use another size? I was considering using a 3cc and 1cc but I don’t know if that’ll work. Can you let me know?

    Thank you

  4. I am looking for a wooden airplane that must be glued together w/ motor like from the 50’s=How much and do you have it ? Regards, DSally

    1. Freeflight kits there are still a good number of wood kits available for radio control the selection is less. Sig Manufacturing I thinks still sells wood kits, Retro RC maybe. I will research this more.

  5. Dear sir/friends,
    I want to know how to wind/turn rubber ? i am using standard rubber band 1/8″ 4 loops, and 12” long from hook to propeller.
    if i wind more than 400 turn with winder rubber broke. how it is possible to wind more than 500 or 700 turn ? if i strech rubber may be i can wind more but power will be much slow of propeler so my plane can not fly.

    if any one have soluation of this problems pls mail me

  6. I am thinking you mean 4 strands which would be 2 loops. Stretch winding and lubricating the rubber with something like Armorall should allow you to get more winds in the rubber.

  7. I like to buy 10 small DC motors to work as Wind Generator DC Current; DC Bulbs that lights with the generated DC Current. Can I use these motors in vertical position? Do you sell double shaft Small DC Motors? I like to know total price to supply these items at Runcorn WA7 2LL.

    1. I am not selling anything but have some advertising links on my website to help with expenses. Discount Electronics is where I purchased motors. I would think you could run motors vertical.

  8. Dear Mr Kuhl,
    Do you have any advice about how to build a rubber torque meter? I learning indoor plane building i would like to build or perhaps buy one.
    Many Thanks

  9. Hi Bill,
    This is a great site! I am putting together an activity for some of the kids I teach to do over the summer holidays and wondered if I could have permission to use some of your photos as inspiration please?
    Kind Regards,

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